Your Website, Your Way

Customized WordPress Websites + Effortless Website Management on a User-Friendly Platform

Pro Customization + Easy Content Updates

Seeking a pro designer to create your website, while also desiring the freedom to make content updates yourself post-launch? We've got you!

Pixli offers a professionally customized website coupled with a no-code, AI-enhanced website builder for easy content edits. We consult with you to create the website of your dreams, and then hand over the keys.

A Website Builder Backed by the Power of WordPress

WordPress is the publishing platform of choice for millions of websites worldwide—from creators and small businesses to enterprises. With its unparalleled versatility and robust security features, WordPress offers a solid foundation for building reliable, scalable, and highly-performing websites.

Our Pixli builder seamlessly integrates with WordPress, giving you all the benefits of the worlds most trusted website platform.

Why Choose Pixli?

Compare our features to other popular website builders.

WIX (Business Elite)
Website Theme Customized With Your Branding & Content by a Professional Agency Designer

In-house agency designer

Available via 3rd party

Available via 3rd party

Unlimited Traffic, Storage, & Collaborators
Expert SEO, Accessibility, &  Website Performance Optimization

Available via 3rd party

Available via 3rd party

No-code Website Builder for Easy Content Edits + AI Text Editor
Marketing App Integrations & Contact Forms 
Monthly Website Hosting, AI Anti-bot Security, and Tech Support 

Support handled in-house

Support handled via 3rd party

Support handled via 3rd party

Blog and eCommerce Option
Expert Google Analytics Integration & Reporting
WordPress Platform

Partner With An Award-Winning Agency

Our agency is the proud winner of several website design awards, showcasing our commitment to excellence and innovation in crafting immersive digital experiences for our clients. Our agency brings over 25 years of industry experience to every website design, ensuring that each project benefits from decades of expertise and a deep understanding of digital trends. Learn more about us.

Choose Your Plan

Pixli Pro Website - $4999

Pixli Plus Website - $6999

Monthly website hosting, security and tech support - $79 - $99/mo.

Website Plans For Any Type of Business

Choose the plan that's best to grow your business.

Plans for any business type--service, portfolio, restaurant, consultant, events, online shops, and more

All plans include unlimited storage space, blogging platform, contact forms & integrations, the ability to link to your custom domain

Shopping / eCommerce functionality available with our Pixli Plus plan

Monthly website hosting includes a 24/7 ticketing system, security and tech support

Easy, AI-Enhanced Content Creation

Need help with your content? Use the built-in AI content creation and text editing feature. Need to swap out an image? Just upload your image and drop it into your layout. Our resources page has tutorials to help guide you through the process.

AI text editor suggests content in real-time

Styling pane lists your brand colors and fonts

Easy drag-and-drop tool to swap out images

Modern Website Security

We use AI and the latest technology to keep your website safe. Our smart AI system blocks between 500,000 and 2 million brute-force attempts per hour and stops malicious traffic before it reaches your website.

AI Anti-Bot

24/7 Server Monitoring

Dedicated Security Team

How it Works

Our designers start with a professional website theme that's best for your biz and customize the layout and design with your branding and content. The result: a unique website for your business that's easy to update.

Professional theme customization to your brand and content

Ongoing, personalized collaboration with your designer throughout the design process

Includes a no-code website builder that allows you to easily make your own content updates post-launch

Affordable monthly website hosting and support plans

The Hub of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Your website design is an important first step and the hub of your digital marketing strategy. Once you're launched, access our library of tutorials, blog articles, and resources to keep your website and your biz thriving. (Did we mention we're a digital marketing agency?!)


How is Pixli different than other website builders?

Our Pixli website platform is a no-code website builder. Unlike other website builders, our platform integrates with WordPress, combining all the functionality, performance, and advanced SEO capabilities of WordPress with a drag-and-drop solution for content updates.

How is my website designed and published?

We kick off the website design process by connecting you with a designer for an initial consultation, where we delve into understanding your business. Our designer handpicks a Pixli theme from there and tailors it to your company's content and branding. Once approved, we promptly publish your website using your provided domain and handle all hosting needs.

What types of websites can be built on Pixli?

Pixli stands out as the ideal platform for content-centric and informational business websites, and is great for smaller marketing budgets. With the flexibility to incorporate features like blogs, newsletters, contact forms, photo galleries, eCommerce, and any other content essential to your business success, Pixli empowers you to create a dynamic online presence tailored to your needs.

How much does it cost?

Your initial website will be billed at a flat rate, along with monthly hosting and support tailored to suit the needs of your business. View our pricing plans here.

How is my website maintained? How do I get help with tech issues?

Your monthly web hosting plan includes the cost of hosting and supporting your website. For a list of what's supported, visit the Pricing page. You will have access to a 24/7 ticket system to report hosting-related issues. (Note: Content related requests and edits will fall under pro design services. See below.)

Website Hosting Support

A dedicated security team watching out for emerging threats and exploits and writes smart firewall rules to protect your website from known hacks and breaches

Smart AI system that blocks between 500,000 and 2 million brute-force attempts per hour and stops malicious traffic

Backups distributed across different geographical locationsso that in the case of a disaster, the system could restore large amounts of data quickly to power your website

SSL certificate that protects the data transmitted through your site and makes sure you meet the requirements of search engines that flag unsecured sitesmandatory for eCommerce sites and those that gather user data

Pixli 24 / 7 ticket system for website tech issues handled in-house (not by third-party outsourcing)

What kind of support is available to help me edit my content?

Post-launch, we will provide resources and tutorials to help guide you through editing your content. Our intuitive, no-code builder makes it easy! If you would rather have us help you, we can do that too. Professional content edit requests will be billed hourly according to your plan.

I don't have a company logo or branding. Do I need this?

For a truly personalized website experience, we recommend preparing your company logo and branding style guide for our designer. If you still need to establish branding, don't worry! We offer this service in-house for an additional fee. Explore our pricing page for add-on services.

Do I need a domain?

Before we can publish your website, it's essential to secure and provide us with a domain. If you still need to acquire your domain, we can guide you to recommended domain providers and offer valuable tips on selecting the perfect domain that aligns with your business objectives. Visit our Resources page for recommendations on how to find and secure your domain name.

Is my website optimized with SEO? How does this help me?

YES! Your website will be optimized with RankMath Pro, a powerful SEO tool for maximizing your website's organic traffic and driving meaningful results for your business. Configuration of this WordPress plugin is included in the price of your website.

Why Choose Us?

Why partner with Pixli / We Rock DM?

Pixli / We Rock DM is an award-winning digital marketing and creative agency, founded by two seasoned digital marketing instructors and website designers. With a remarkable 25-year history in website design—dating back to the early, formative years of the internet—we have witnessed and contributed to the evolution of the web. Partnering with us means you benefit from our extensive experience, unwavering dedication, and exceptional customer service, hallmarks of a truly professional agency. Read more about us.

How is Pixli different than your other (We Rock DM) agency website services?

Pixli is a drag-and-drop platform that sits on top of WordPress, allowing for easy customization. Our designers start with templates and customize them to your brand. The result is a professional semi-custom design solution that is perfect for businesses that don't require fully custom websites. If you are interested in our fully custom website design solutions, please visit our agency website and contact us for a quote.

Who will I be working with?

We'll match you with an agency designer well-versed in our Pixli platform to streamline and expedite the website design process. Your designer will be your primary contact point throughout the initial design phase. Following the publication of your site, you'll retain access to your designer for additional support at the hourly rate included in your pricing plan.

Do you offer other digital marketing services?

You bet! As a full digital marketing agency, we provide a wide range of digital marketing services to meet all your needs. Whether it's SEO, PPC, social media marketing, or any other digital marketing strategy, we've got you covered. Contact us to discuss digital marketing services.

How do I get started?

To kickstart the website design process, gather your company logo and branding elements, secure your domain name, and familiarize yourself with our pricing tiers. If you need assistance with any of these assets, don't hesitate to contact us for support.

When you're ready, fill out our contact form to take the first step toward building your dream website.

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